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Please read this first

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:09 pm    Post subject: Please read this first  Reply with quote

Hi there, and welcome to Landy Town.  

Letís start in the Town Square, itís where we all tend to hang out most of the time.  The first thing youíll notice is that itís Landy Parking Only.  This is where the stuff that isnít too technical is talked about, just as long as itís about Land Rovers.

Conversation Street is the main thoroughfare and virtually anything goes.  Try and keep it reasonably polite though.  And once you get a bit of an idea what nonsense we all talk down here, youíll be able to start your own thread.  Donít be shy, none of them bite.

In Conversation Street is the Solihull Arms, the local boozer.  Worst beer in the western hemisphere, but the companyís good, and the prices are brilliant.  Last time anyone paid for a drink was 1947.

Just beyond Conversation Street is the Events section, where youíll find all the stuff weíre planning for the future.

Over here is the High Street.  Thereís all sorts down here.  You can post your pictures, put in links to u-tube or your favourite business.  Even if itís your own.  And there is the Spicy Bull Balls Bar which is full of tasty recipes.  Now what, I hear you cry, is a recipe section doing in a Land Rover Forum?  Simple, even Land Rover owners eat and because it costs so much to keep a Land Rover running, you need a place to find good recipes.  Well, thatís what the LandyTown tourist board told us.
Next come the bright lights of Club Land.  When you join the club you get access to all sorts of firms in the Discount Warehouse and the coolest membership card in the world.

Beyond Club Land is Garage Row.  This is where all the specialists hang out, ready to answer all your technical questions.  Ask nicely and theyíll suck in their teeth, shake their heads and say, ďSorry, guv, but canít touch it until Monday at the earliest,Ē then charge you forty quid anyway.  Theyíre all under their own Landies  at the moment, but once they know there are questions being asked theyíll be here.  Better yet, you might well want to join them.

Finally, at the end of the High Street is the Market Square.  If you want to buy, sell, swap or just window shop, here is the place to come.  There are restrictions on how long youíve lived in Landy Town before you can sell in the market, but nothing too bad.  The Council donít charge rent on stalls, but contributions will be gratefully received if you do well, the drains need finishing as well.

So there you have it, Landy Town.  Being new she needs a bit of work and some more people to come here to live.  For those with a bit of pioneering spirit,  here is the opportunity to put your mark on the place.  Make it somewhere to be proud of, so that in a few years time you can look at Landy Town, or maybe Landy City by then, and say ďI helped build that.Ē

But, if you arenít too sure you can always come here on holiday and see how the place grows on you.  Youíll be among friends and there is no need to move totally from any other place you like.  
If, for any reason, you donít like us or our town, then go in peace.  If you ever want to give us a second look, you will be more than welcome.  

The LandyTown Administration
LandyTown Admin Team

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